Own Belgian craftsmanship for solid parquet

With orders from parquet installers cheifly in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and England, Kerkhofs Parket has been producing solid parquet and exclusive style panels for over 25 years . We combine custom work with very short lead times . In addition, as a wholesaler we sell Engineered Floors and deliver all finishing products .

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F&T Parket & Interieur bvba
F&T Parket & Interieur bvba
F&T Parket & Interieur bvba

F&T Parket & Interieur bvba

Parquet types

We produce cutomised solid parquet floors in no fewer than 35 wood types, and they are available in a wide variety of wood types and sortings. European oak is and remains our absolute classic. Thanks to our large stock of carefully procured wood, we are able to guarantee extremely short lead times.

Overlay 9mm

Authentic appearance and wide boards Our Burgundy parquet is perfectly suited to a romantic country house thanks to the authentic appearance and wide boards. This parquet floor also does not lose any of its charm in a sleek modern home.

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Finishing & maintenance

We not only deliver the right solid and Engineered Floors floors to professionals, but we also supply the correct finishing products for them.

With this all-in service, as parquet installer you can rest assured that we will achieve the intended high quality end result. For each project, you can count on specialist advice, whether or not during a work site inspection.


Wholesale & custom work

We only produce once orders are placed and only deliver to parquet installers. As a quality guarantee, we always supply the parquet with a detailed humidity report.

The combination of authentic craftsmanship with computer-controlled high precision work guarantees extremely short lead times for a high quality product. Thanks to our extensive stocks of wood, we complete every order of solid parquet within ten working days.

For our wholesale trade in Engineered Floors floors, we work with carefully selected producers who share our philosophy of craftsmanship and custom work.

Want to witness our quality for yourself?

Ask for our price list today, with a detailed overview of our possibilities for all wood and parquet types. We personally hand over our price list or invite you for a visit to our showroom and production workshop.

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