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Kerkhofs Parket is one of a very small group of parquet manufacturers that pride themselves on high quality craftsmanship. While other parquet manufacturers are increasingly focused on mass production of standard products, we stand out through our custom work, flexibility and short lead times. In the first place, our craftsmen want to be appreciated for the work they do. Whereas others fall short, they deliver the desired parquet floor.

F&T Parket & Interieur bvba

F&T Parket & Interieur bvba

Fourth generation wood professionals

Kerkhofs Parket is the passion of Willem Kerkhofs and his wife Petra Jouck. Willem Kerkhofs is from the fourth generation of an illustrious family of Limburg wood professionals.

While the previous generations specialised in logging, the wood trade and wood sawing, in 1993 Willem set up shop as an independent parquet manufacturer.

Over the years, the one-man company grew into a strong SME with experienced craftsmen. The level of craftsmanship and custom work that formed the foundation of the enterprise right from day one continues to be the guiding thread that runs through the entire business.

For professionals only

Kerkhofs Parket only delivers to parquet installers. We now have over 800 professional customers, both in Belgium and abroad.

Every order of a solid parquet floor – whether treated or untreated – is custom produced in house according to the specific dimensions and wishes of the customer. Untreated solid parquet floors are delivered within ten business days. Composite parquet floors are produced according to the same philosophy by an external partner manufacturer.

We have a house freight transporter that delivers all orders punctually as agreed. Deliveries to the work site are always possible.

Authentic craftsmanship with computerised precisio

Our great power lies in our many years’ experience and authentic craftsmanship. We start with the rough wood which we work on until it becomes the desired parquet floor with the requested dimensions. Where necessary, we dry the wood in our own drying chamber until the indicated humidity level is obtained. Before production begins, the wood is subjected to a lot of meticulous checks.

Thanks to our computerised planing and sawing machines, we deliver the requested high precision work within extremely short lead times.

All-in service with finishing products

It is only possible to give a parquet floor the desired appearance and for end customers to be sure of the expected lifespan if the correct finishing products are used.

As parquet manufacturer and wholesaler, in the past few years we have developed an all-in service whereby we also deliver the necessary finishing products.

These products are also delivered on a project-specific basis, whereby on-site product advice is one of the possibilities available.

Exclusive style panels

In the design and production of style panels, our craftsmanship really comes into its own.

We belong to the dying breed of parquet manufacturers who still produce this beautiful and unique product.


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